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Title Professionals, Inc. provides title and closing services throughout Ohio and was founded in 1994. Title Professionals, Inc. is proud to be an active member of the Ohio Land Title Association and the American Land Title Association.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

Owning real estate is most likely the largest investment you will make in your life time. Protecting and knowing what affects that investment is extremely important. A title insurance policy will protect from a future loss if a covered claim against your property is made. There are many items that could potentially affect or cloud the title to your real estate including, but not limited to liens, defect, encumbrances, forgeries, fraud, undisclosed missing heirs, taxes, and assessments.

The other benefit of a title insurance policy is that it will disclose matters of record that affect the title to your property such as easements, oil and gas lease, right of ways, restrictions, and many other encumbrances that may affect your title. These items are discovered during the course of an in-depth title exam of local, state, and federal records.

In addition to landowners, lenders also acquire title insurance when lending money for purchases, refinances, and construction loans. The objective of a Lender's Title Insurance Policy is to protect the financial investment and position of the financial institution during the term of the loan.

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What Is The Role Of The Title And Escrow Company?

A title company plays an important role during the course of a real estate transaction. Title Companies complete in-depth title examinations of local, state, and federal records to determine what affects the real estate. We issue a title insurance policies to protect your investment.

As a title company we are also responsible for recording at the courthouse all the necessary documents to convey title to the real estate into your name. We protect you, we guide you, and are committed to reducing risk so that real estate buyers can enjoy the comfort and security of real estate ownership.

As escrow agent, the title company acts as a neutral party third party for the seller, buyer, realtors, and lenders.

The escrow agent is responsible for reviewing and gathering documents, coordinating requirements and the terms of contracts, following lender instructions, preparing Closing Disclosures and Settlement Statements, obtaining payoffs, signing parties, disbursing funds associated with the transaction, and all other acts, duties, and many other responsibilities necessary to successfully complete the closing.

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How Does Title Professionals Compare?

Simply put: We are the Best at what we do!

As the Trusted & Verified Seal on our home page states, We are TRUSTED & Verified. We subscribe to the Golden Rule:
  • It is our mission to employ Honesty, integrity and ethics in all we do.
  • Our clients, you for instance, deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Data privacy and security are of ultimate importance. We safeguard your information.
  • We firmly believe that good faith and fairness demands transparency and accountability.
  • We do not judge anyone. Our job is to provide our clients with a factual understanding of risk.
  • We don't trust public data 100%; we verify sources and always convey derogatory information with those who are being evaluated.
  • Ultimately,we will be polite, professional and helpful in all cases.

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